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What we have implemented with LEADER PLUS (2000-2006)

Through the Leader Plus programme, projects have been implemented in the territory of the 25 member municipalities, for a total sum of about €8 million, in the sectors of agriculture, tourism, handicrafts and trades, as well as services for the citizens and redevelopment of historical town centers.

The projects that have been financed have enabled the implementation of 177 projects:

  • 27 new B&Bs and hotel accomodation,
  • 13 holiday and educational farms,
  • 8  structures for processing and selling typical products,
  • 10 innovative activities in artisan, handicraft and service businesses
  • 18 start-up and support projects for businesses run by young people and women
  • 40 projects for public institution partners, such as community centers for young people, playgrounds, libraries, museums, broadband connection for many municipalities, , restoration of historical buildings, clearing of nature trails,
  • 61 projects implemented directly by the LAG such as events, studies, publications, music CDs and the film 41° Parallelo- viaggio nell’identità (41st Parallel – a journey into  identity), created with the participation of young people through the Laboratorio Identità e Innovazione (Identity and Innovation Workshop) in Alvito with the Cinemavvenire association.