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What we have implemented with LEADER II (1994-1999)

With Leader II we have delivered:

  • 18 projects for public bodies aimed at revitalising and enhancing the environment,
  • 11 new Bed and Breakfasts linked through the albergo diffuso network,
  • 100 new beds in town centers and rural villages,
  • 8 renovations of historic buildings,
  • 3 teleworking locations,
  • 23 agricultural initiatives, mostly run by young people and women,
  • 67 events for the promotion of local products and the territory.

Furthermore, together with Slow Food and Coop Italy, we have established a Presidium for marzolina, a goat cheese on the verge of extinction, backed by 4 companies that are co-financed by the LAG, which has also financed 5 producers now listed in the Atlas of typical products published by the Ministry of Environment (cheeses, confectionery, breads, meats, honey), as well as 8 typical products found on the list of Regione Lazio (truffles from Campoli, sheep cheese and ricotta from Picinisco, confectionery and nougat in Alvito, sausages in lard, sour bread baked in a wood oven, Settefrati burrella).

We also initiated a Competition for school children in the area (5 comprehensive institutions) on environmental resources with the participation of 900 students, which led to the production of a collective CD-Rom on the environmental and cultural heritage of the area, as well as numerous publications (a manual on rural architecture, a scientific text on dialect, and a book on the European landscape).