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President: Loreto Policella… in the lands of Saint Benedict and the Abruzzi Park, along the banks of rivers, in vast beech forests, in shepherds' folds, in the stone-paved squares of historical town centres, in the silent cloisters of monasteries - come and find us and let us enjoy this extraordinary territory together. We will offer you a wide range of thematic and personalised tourist packages (environmental, educational, gastronomic, religious, cultural) that can be bought on-line at our site www.galverla.eu, a network of accommodation facilities in historical town centres and rural villages, cosy wine cellars, museums and educational farms, archaeological sites and castles, literary and historical itineraries, pathways through sounds (ethnic music, jazz) and flavours, events and menus with typical local products that are the outcome of an agreement promoted by the LAG between agricultural farms and restaurant owners.

You will be accompanied by tourist guides, experts (naturalists, historians, etc.) and LAG animators who have been specially trained to allow you to benefit from our numerous resources.

For the past ten years, the association of which I am president, the Local Action Group on the Latium side of the Abruzzi National Park (ANP), has been experimenting with an innovative approach to the problems of development compatible with rural areas.  Quality (of the countryside, food, proposals for tourists) is our essential aim in constructing the local tourist system for the Valle di Comino and the upper Valle del Liri.

In these years of "colonisation" by television and folksy trivialisation of local culture, we wish to propose an authentic territory which is attempting to preserve the bio-diversity, material culture and know-how of its inhabitants.

This theme map, which describes the principal local products and offers various proposals for possible itineraries and tourist packages, is the result of many projects realised through the Leader II programme, and others already under way through the  Leader Plus, as well as numerous projects undertaken in collaboration with companies, associations, and existing local organisations that have been developed during these years of intense activity. This map is also the spark necessary to trigger the process of establishing consortiums between those working in tourist, rural, cultural and service environments,  and it will allow us to promote a "pathway of products and flavours", thus making our territory more visible, competitive and welcoming.

We're waiting for you!

Loreto Policella, architect
President of the LAG: “Latium Side
of the Abruzzi National Park”