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Lag Versante Laziale del Parco Nazionale

Lag Versante Laziale del Parco Nazionale

GAL Versante Laziale del Parco Nazionale d’Abruzzo
(Local Action Group on the Lazio side of the National Park of the Abruzzi)

Come and visit us in the “Land of Gifted People”! In the snow-covered forests of the Park, along the banks of our rivers, in the folds of our shepherds, in the sunny little stone squares of our old town centres, in the cloistered silence of our monasteries... come and drink a glass of good Cabernet with us. We are the Local Action Group Versante laziale del PNA, an Association consisting of 45 public and private organisations which operate in the Valle di Comino and in the Ernici mountains (Province of Frosinone), working towards building a high-quality tourist network using European Union funds destined for rural areas (Leader II and Plus programme).

We propose:

  • Numerous tourist packages both following a theme and personalised (environmental, gastronomic, religious and cultural) which can be bought on line at the site: www.galverla.eu;
  • Albergo diffuso: A network of micro-hospitality in the renovated houses of  historical town centres or rural hamlets, as well as hotels, hostels and agritourism;
  • Menus that use typical local products and events which are the fruit of an understanding between farmers and restaurant owners: you can visit sheep farms, olive presses, wine cellars, organic produce farms and plant nurseries;
  • An ecomuseum of rural hamlets, theme museums, educational farms, squares and castles, itineraries ranging from literary (D.H. Lawrence), to historical (the medieval or Second World War), to sounds (ethnic music or jazz) and flavours.

We look forward to seeing you soon! 

LAG on the Latium Side of the Abruzzi National Park

  • Address: P.zza Marconi, 1  – 03041 - Alvito – Frosinone - Italy
  • Phone: 0039.0776 513015
  • Email: Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. È necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo.
  • Website: www.galverla.eu


President: Loreto Policella… in the lands of Saint Benedict and the Abruzzi Park, along the banks of rivers, in vast beech forests, in shepherds' folds, in the stone-paved squares of historical town centres, in the silent cloisters of monasteries - come and find us and let us enjoy this extraordinary territory together. We will offer you a wide range of thematic and personalised tourist packages (environmental, educational, gastronomic, religious, cultural) that can be bought on-line at our site www.galverla.eu, a network of accommodation facilities in historical town centres and rural villages, cosy wine cellars, museums and educational farms, archaeological sites and castles, literary and historical itineraries, pathways through sounds (ethnic music, jazz) and flavours, events and menus with typical local products that are the outcome of an agreement promoted by the LAG between agricultural farms and restaurant owners.

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What we have implemented with LEADER II (1994-1999)

With Leader II we have delivered:

  • 18 projects for public bodies aimed at revitalising and enhancing the environment,
  • 11 new Bed and Breakfasts linked through the albergo diffuso network,
  • 100 new beds in town centers and rural villages,
  • 8 renovations of historic buildings,
  • 3 teleworking locations,
  • 23 agricultural initiatives, mostly run by young people and women,
  • 67 events for the promotion of local products and the territory.
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What we have implemented with ASSE IV LEADER PSR LAZIO (2007-2013)

The Programme has backed projects that aim to vitalise rural development in Lazio, particularly with regard to environmental sustainability and the processes of generational turnover, adaptation and modernization of farms and multi-functionality; it has supported the strategies of supply chains which aim to enhance  high-quality agricultural and forestry products, and to work in the territory by using an innovative and integrated approach to projects.

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Directors of the LAG

  •  President: Loreto Policella
  • Director: Tiziana Rufo
  • Secretary: Gianfranco Vano

Board of Directors of the LAG

  • President - Loreto Policella (delegate CIA)
  • Counsellor - Benacquista Loris (delegate Coldiretti)
  • Counsellor  - Del Monaco Daniele (delegate Legacoop)
  • Counsellor  - Raffa Francesco (delegate Legambiente Lazio)
  • Counsellor  - Rossi Davide (delegate CNA)
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Territorial systems


  • Atina | Archeological Museum;
  • Arpino | International Mastroianni Centre, Stringed-instrument Museum, Wool Museum;
  • Boville Ernica | Contemporary Art Museum;
  • Casalattico | Museum of Rural Art and Milling;
  • Picinisco | Sheep-raising Museum;
  • Posta Fibreno | Natural Reserve Museum;
  • San Donato Val di Comino | Environmental Culture Centre,  Rural Civilisation Museum;
  • Veroli | Herb Museum;
  • Villa Latina | Zampogna bagpipe Museu.
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